About us

To understand the universe of the brand DATY, we must go back to the origins of the adventure. The instigator of this project, Ridha Boujbel, was born and raised in the family Boujbel, specialized for three generations in the export of dates. A secular love and a passion for the cultivation of fruit were inculcated father-to-son. Always immersed in the love of this miracle fruit, and imbued with the new "on-the-go" consumption trends of her generation, the idea was there and the choice in his mind: to develop a new product that reinvents the date, a snack that is both healthy, energetic and affordable, all without compromising the quality of the ingredients. Following several market research studies conducted on the Healthy Snack sector in Europe and Canada, and after developing the first samples, Ridha Boujbel began to have a positive feedback from the various prospects contacted. He launched himself into the adventure of healthy snack bars: an innovative product, simple in composition and very healthy by its ingredients that put dates and dried fruits in the spotlight: gluten-free, no added sugars, no additives and without dairy products. As a result, the bars entered the industrialization phase and after a while DATY signed a collaboration with a partner who shared the same vision in terms of quality and the quest for innovation: keeping their value system based on honesty and respect of the consumer.