Shipment Policy

The Shipping Estimates provided by our shopping cart software are estimates from the Shippers (Canada Post and UPS), estimating the cost of shipping a "Default Package Size and Dimensions" - while again we don't want to slow down this order process we can only assume that the estimate made sense. They also estimate how long it might take to deliver your package once it gets to the shipper's facility. While most of the time we are able to get your order out to them same-day and turn those estimates into a realistic delivery schedule, it may on occasion take a business-day (or rarely slightly longer) for us to be able to process your order depending on how many other orders we received around the same time - if the Shipping Estimate says '1-3 days' for example, please don't consider that a guarantee that you will get your item exactly in that time. It will take just a little longer than the Shipper's estimates, depending on how many orders we are processing, so please don't pay for 'faster shipping' and expect us to make miracles happen, while we will always try to surprise and impress, and do our very best for you!

COVID-19 ADDENDUM: PLEASE BE PATIENT WITH US - WE ARE WORKING HARD TO GET YOUR ORDERS TO YOU AS QUICKLY, EFFICIENTLY AND PROPERLY AS WE POSSIBLY CAN! :) We truly appreciate all of our beloved customers and their orders hugely and are striving to do our very best for everyone and we THANK YOU!!